Kai is average height (5'7") male, quite handsome and well built. His most noticeable feature is his red and well taken of Mohawk, dark eyebrows with cuts at the ends and dark eyes. Kai's outfit changed a couple of times between Family Ties and New Generation 


In Family Ties he wore a black hoodie with " ブレイヴハート2015" on it in white kanji and numbers, his undershirt was a sea green tank top  with modified slashes at the sides revealing some of Kai's abdominal muscles. He also wore slim fitting pants with two modified slashes on the thighs and one the shins, in the belt loops is where Kai would put chains on the that crisscross at the back of his pants. Kai wore black Converse with white toes and socks.


In New Generation Kai's outfit changed and his appearance but barely, this time he didn't wear his trademark hoodie but instead a tight fitted black tank top, slim fitting pants, one black wrist guard (similar to Jordan's New Beginnings outfit). Kai's face has matured over time, from being soft to a little more rugged, Kai gained a scar from the bridge of his nose to his right cheek. Kai's muscles had gotten more well developed and more refined. Kai has also gotten taller by a inch (5'8").


Kai is a laid back kid who rarely causes any trouble for anyone, confident at times, and easily to get along with someone. Kai can be viewed as a friendly and dependable person, usually helping others but is hesitate around strangers due to past experiences. Kai is quite an intelligent kid; most likely from Jordan teaching him lessons and such. Often described as comic relief in most of Family Ties.  

Kai has a great sense of respect, giving adults honorifics such as Mr. ,Mrs., and Miss. He often gives his peers much respect despite their actions, whether they hurt him emotionally or physically 

In battle Kai's whole personality changes from laid back and playful to serious and strategic, sometimes with a murderous intent depending on the situation. He can be murderous and very enraged especially when his friends or family are in critical danger by enemies. Kai has shown that he can revengeful and stubborn as seen when he wouldn't accept help before going after his Father's killer.


Friends: Edit

Juan, Jawon, and Ron Hernandez: Kai seems to get along with the triplets, possibly good friends with them, Kai and the triplets interacted a lot throughout the series despite their actions. Kai could be viewed as older brother figure to them.

Bambino Byrd: Kai and Bambino have been close friends since their confrontation in High School, often seen working together in battles. They interact the most out of the group, usually sharing laughs and such.


Jordan Pauley: Jordan has been viewed as a Father to Kai since his abandonment in Berlin, Germany as baby. Jordan raised him to be the man he has been throughout the series, Jordan has been a fairly good Father to Kai thus Kai has a really close relationship with him. 

Quincy Byrd: Quincy can be viewed as a Uncle to Kai, sharing a fairly good relationship with him.

Toshikazu Pauley: Kai's oldest son by three minutes. They have a really good relationship between each other. He often gives Toshikazu life advice as well as battle advice, he helps him his Stand training along with Shizuka 

Shizuka Pauley: Kai's youngest child who Kai is very protective of, to the point where actually knocked out a guy who hurt her emotionally very badly.



Kai's Stand Braveheart (ブレイヴハート Bureivuhaato), is a very fast and agile Stand, able to cut five to six steel beams instantaneously. 

Braveheart has very strong armor being able to withstand most Stand attacks; from a barrage of fists to gun shots. There is a drawback in Braveheart's armor however it cannot protect itself and Kai from point blank gunshots, missiles, and other sword wielding Stands.


Kai shows to have some confidence, bravery and great skills with his Stand. Kai also has proven to be quite intelligent and have great physical fineness.

Ripple ( はもん Hamon): Kai learned Ripple from books and watching his favorite anime character use it on his favorite anime. Kai is quite skilled at Ripple despite studying it very recently, he has proven to use very strategically in battle.

Ripple Ball Barrage (はもんボールせめ Hamon Booru Seme): An attack that Kai came up with on his own. Kai would use Ripple Energy and send it through bouncy balls (He will keep up to ten or more at a time) then fire them as if they were bullets flying through the air. The bouncy balls would onslaught the target from all sides and usually bounce back to Kai.

Intelligence: Kai has proven to be quite intelligent in school, the streets and in battle. Kai has passed school with relative ease, usually understanding and solving the problem at hand very quickly. His intelligence is also shown in battle multiple times, mostly in tactics and strategy. Kai also has a high knowledge of most martial arts, being able to learn them in a instant.

Physical Finesse: Kai is a muscular young man as proven many times throughout the series, such as running long distances without tiring,lifting heavy objects with relative ease. Kai's physical toughness has been shown throughout the series when he sustained heavy injuries and losing a lot of blood but manages to stay conscious enough to think of strategies and counterattacks.

Trivia Edit

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