「Stan/ Big E./ Elemental」 or 「ビッグ E.  Biggu E.」 Edit

Stand User: Quincy Byrd

Namesake: N/A

Destructive Power (破壊力 Hakairyoku):  A Edit

Speed (スピード Supīdo): A ===

Range (射程距離 Shatei Kyori?): B ===

Durability/Staying (持続力 Jizoku-ryoku): B ===

Precision (精密動作性 Seimitsu Dōsa-sei): A ===

Development Potential/Learning (成長性 Seichō-sei): B Edit


Big E is very similar to Star Platinum (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders) in build, resembling a Minotaur whose height is taller than Quincy. Like Minotaur it has a bull head with a human-like body, greenish fur covering most of it's body.

Its head is quite bull-like with long black horns that end at very sharp points. It has big eyes under a pair of muscle brows, it's eyes have white sclera with purple irises. Its skin is of a golden tan palette especially it pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles. Big E is lacking in armor and clothing, only sporting golden bangles on its wrists and legs, a loincloth, golden gloves with white studs at the knuckles.


Big E can be described as stoic,silent, like the other Bizarre Saviors' Stands Big E also has a battle cry which is "MEYHOIMEN HOIMEN HOIMEN HOIMEN MEEEYHOIMAAN!!". It also has a violent nature which reflects Quincy's sometimes violent tendencies.

Big E sometimes demonstrates a sort of playful nature as well such as growing vines in Quincy's hair, teasing other Stands, etc.


Elemental Manipulation: This ability allows Big E to control elements such as water,wind,plants,electricity, fire and other elements. It can use these elements as powerful weapons such as turning blade of grass into literal blades or using very hard rocks as shields.

Super Strength: Big E possesses immense amount of strength which has been demonstrated many times in countless battles with Bizarre Saviors.

Lightning Fast Reflexes: Not only does Big E has Elemental Manipulation and Super Strength, it also possesses lighting fast reflexes, able to catch bullets point blank, throw thousands of punches in seconds and dodge attacks which could rival Star Platinum or Crazy Diamond

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