「Braveheart」 or 「ブレイヴハート Bureivuhaato」 Edit

Stand User: Kai Pauley

Namesake: Braveheart (Film)

Destructive Power (破壊力 Hakairyoku):  B Edit

Speed (スピード Supīdo): A ===

Range (射程距離 Shatei Kyori): B ===

Durability/Staying (持続力 Jizoku-ryoku): A ===

Precision (精密動作性 Seimitsu Dōsa-sei): A ===

=== Development Potential/Learning (成長性 Seichō-sei): C




Braveheart resembles a robotic yet humanoid in green shining samurai armor, armed with two katanas. The helmet has a three point crown, a similar helmet worn by the samurai of Heian Period, its armor as well could be considered from the Heian Period but the armor around the waist is similar to the armor worn in kendo that hangs down to its thighs. Braveheart's mask is triangular in shape with slits on it and small cylinders at the end of both sides

Braveheart's facial features aren't seen except for its eyes which has yellow sclera and green irises. The armor is removable and once removed it reveals its coal black skin. It appears to be quite muscular underneath its armor, it rarely takes off its helmet.

The katanas have green hilts with black triangular patterns, the sword itself is quite long with a black line down the edge.


Like most Stands, Braveheart is devoid of will but it shows a little personality such as showing signs of curiosity, and it also displays some learning ability. Braveheart can been as silent, strong but shows it can be laid back which reflects Kai's laid back nature but he and his Stand can show their violent natures. Its battle cry is similar to Fire Red's which "HORARARARA!!" meanwhile Braveheart's is "KORARARARARA!!"


Braveheart is already a battle dedicated Stand. It's a Stand that works well with other Stands for when battles call for teamwork. Despite its heavy armor, Braveheart is a very agile Stand especially when the armor is off.

Speed: Braveheart is already a fast and agile Stand, once it takes off its armor its speed is increased and it is capable of appearing multiple places at once to the point where it looks like there's nine doubles of itself; these doubles aren't illusory, the Stand is moving multiple places at once.

Power: Even though majority of its power lies in its astonishing speed, it is not weak as it is able to cut through three to five steel beams instantaneously. However most of its power seems to lie in its sword and armor, but it has shown to have strong fist multiple times.

Infinite Sword Unsheathing: This ability allows Braveheart to pull infinite katanas out the sheaths on its back.

Ripple Conductivity (はもんでんどうせい Hamon Dendousei): Unlike most Stands Braveheart allows Kai to conduct Ripple Energy through its katanas which is shown to be a useful weapon in battle.


  • Like the rest of the Pauley family Kai's battle cry also ends with "ORARARA!!"
  • Kai's ability to conduct Ripple Energy through Braveheart is similar to how Joseph Joestar's ability to send Ripple Energy through his Stand Hermit Purple ( ハーミットパープル Hāmitto Pāpuru) (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

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